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Steph Kilkenny's travel sample set

Sample Set


If you want to try out our products this set is just what you need. Sample pack includes:

  • Nurturing Oil Cleanser 10ml - an oil-based cleanser that richly nurtures your skin as it gently cleanses
  • Organic Rose Toner 10ml - closes your pores after cleansing. Reduces redness, antibacterial, moisturises, calming on your skin.
  • Yummie Moisturiser 10ml -  moisturising, anti-aging, nourishing, cell repairing, pore reducing
  • Nourishing Facial Serum 10ml - combats wrinkles; antioxidant; aids cell regeneration; moisturises; protects, nourishes your skin whilst you sleep.
  • Vitamin E Lip Balm 10ml - Lemon and Lime

This sample set pack is fully customisable for your own specific skincare needs! Feel free to drop us an email and we can sort out what products you would like in your set! We're always available for any advice on your personal skincare regime! 

For a more in-depth description of the products listed above, click the individual links!


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review