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Made in the West of Ireland in small batches
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From a very young age, I have had an interest in the healing nature of plants. Growing up in the west of Ireland I found myself fascinated in the dock leaf’s ability to heal nettle stings. As I got older, I developed my interest in nature’s ability to heal conditions inside and out. This love for natural ingredients bloomed into my own business dedicated to natural skincare, Réalta Naturals Skincare, in 2013.

In 2020, I have introduced a re-branding of my beloved business, from Réalta Naturals to Steph Kilkenny. Réalta Naturals Skincare has grown from strength to strength in the last seven years and it will always be in my heart.

I developed my business as a luxury natural skincare range catering for those looking to give the ultimate care to their skin while remaining natural and cruelty-free. I have felt, for many years, that luxurious skincare should be accessible and affordable for everyone.

I have over twenty years of experience making natural skincare formulations for my clients, and I am incredibly passionate about the ingredients I use -- it is very important to me that each ingredient has a therapeutic and effective skincare benefit. I believe that cosmetic ingredients should only be used in a formula if they have a genuine reason to be there not just because they sound unusual or pretty.

Steph Kilkenny Skincare formulas are created so that they benefit the skin whilst also ensuring they are luxurious and enjoyable to use.

As I have grown my business, I have built a wonderful rapport with my clients, with an interest in developing skin regimes and natural nourishing formulas to help control certain skin conditions. When I formulate for my clients, it’s not just a matter of using a ready-made formula; I assist my clients in caring for their skin from a holistic approach. As such I have developed a consulting service for my clients.

I highly value the importance of looking at my clients’ skincare history, at possible causes of any skin problems, what has failed and what has improved the condition etc. Even from diet and exercise, we can find so much information that is vital for your skincare. My aim is to help my clients, but with holistic skincare in mind, I have come to understand that a formula that works for Person A may not work for Person B. Skincare is about finding the correct formula for you and your skin and sticking to a good regime. 

This consulting commencement brought such wonderful success, which was a big factor in the decision to rebrand. In the future. 

Feel free to drop us an email to begin your natural skincare journey with us. We are always available for any advice, together we can build a regime to cater to all your needs.